Garaga window layouts​

Many window layouts are exactly what contemporary homeowners are looking for. Some are quite understated, while others have a more striking look.

Choose from a combination that appeals to you, with a wide selection of window sizes, glass types, designs and colors.  Let your imagination run wild!

For more information on window layouts and their options, contact us.

Window layout: Left-Side Harmony

Left-Side Harmony

Window layout: Central Harmony

Central Harmony

Window layout: Complete Harmony

Complete Harmony

Window layout: Double-Left Harmony

Double-Left Harmony

Window layout: Offset


Window layout: Right-Side Harmony

Right-Side Harmony

Window layout: Outer Harmony

Outer Harmony

Window layout: Double Offset

Double Offset

Window layout: Perspective


Window layout: Double-Right Harmony

Double-Right Harmony

Photo gallery of garage doors with window layouts

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